Fact: Agents Get More At JohnHart

So you've heard it all before - every promise from every other brokerage telling you they do this and do that, but two weeks after you join everything disapears. All the support, all the marketing, all the coaching, all the leads, everything. Suddenly you're all alone, paying for a desk and giving up a huge part of your commission for nothing more than a logo. That Is Not How We Work!

At JohnHart, not only do we deliver on our promises - WE EXCEED THEM! So if you're telling yourself this is too good to be true, then you should know that not only is it true, it's actually even less than what you're actually going to get!

Without Further Ado, Here are the Top Ten Reasons To Join JohnHart!

  • More Money

    Our agents don't pay for E&O, Franchise Fees, TC Fees, Royalty Fees, their signs, their posts, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, training...

    JohnHart Agents get to keep MORE of their money,because we invest our own money in their success!
  • More Time

    Our agents & brokers are backed by a team of nearly 30 Agent Liaisons, Transaction Managers, Field Coordinators, Showings Coordinators, Web Programmers, Coaches, Graphic Designers, and an accessible Executive Team.

    JohnHart Agents get MORE time to focus on selling, and on themselves, because their support team takes care of everything else.
  • More Marketing

    Our agents' success means our success, and not the other way around. So when it comes to branding them and building their careers, we spare no expense. Our marketing department creates custom postcards, flyers, cards, landing pages, social media campaigns, websites, and anything else you need!

    JohnHart Agents get MORE (and better) marketing, and they don't have to pay for it!
  • More Tools

    Our agents are provided with complimentary top of the line tools. We want to make it as easy and efficient as possible for them to capture new leads, get referral leads, and convert both into actual business. Some of the ways we do this are by providing a top of the line lead capture site, a CRM software, automated e-marketing tools, access to our dialers, and a custom "agent branded" app!

    JohnHart Agents get MORE tools, which in turn help them generate more business!
  • More Support

    Our agents aren't part of some auxiliary business model aimed at selling product. We don't charge for training. We don't push our books, dvd's, softwares, and ideas, for the sole purpose of making money off of it's sale. Our coaching comes from experts, is offered in intimate settings, occurs on a weekly basis, AND never costs our agents anything! If there is a product or service that we believe is worthwhile, we buy it and then teach our agents about it.

    JohnHart Agents get MORE support and coaching - without having to pay for it!
  • More Experience

    We don't know everything, and we're not the oldest in the industry, but the diverse experience our executive team, coaches, and staff, is something that is unique to JohnHart. What's even more unique is the access our agent are afforded to experience. Everything we know is at their disposal, and we are only an email or phone away with any questions they may have!

    JohnHart Agents have access to, and are backed by, MORE (and MORE diverse) experience than their peers!
  • More Coverage

    The standard brokerage is a franchise operation, where each office is owned and operated independently; however at JohnHart all of our offices are owned by us, so all of our resources are available to our Realtors regardless of location. Have a client in the Valley? Use our Sherman Oaks conference room. Stuck on the east side because of traffic? Grab a desk at our La Canada office and work from there. Have a listing appontment near Burbank? Swing by the Burbank location and pick up your bound listing presentation! The possibilities and options are endless - we've got you covered!

    JohnHart Agents get MORE coverage because all of our offices and our resources are available to them across Southern California - they are not restricted to one office and one desk!
  • More Exposure

    Whether it's a landing page, a brochure, a social media campaign, a sign, or a postcard, one thing is consistent across the board - the focus of our marketing efforts are the agents themselves, not the company!

    JohnHart Agents get MORE exposure because we're focused on branding them - not building brand recognition on their dime!
  • More Professional

    Please don't misunderstand us, we are not knocking our peers, but the automated tools, document processing, and assistance our agents receive gives a very professional appearance. Imagine after every showing is scheduled a confirmation email is automatically sent out, or after an offer is received an acknowledgement is automatically sent, or after a round of counters a personal phone call from an agent liaison is made. All of these little things and more are the differences which will make an agent appear more professional than the agent next to them!

    JohnHart Agents get to look MORE professional than their peers - by default!
  • More Assistance

    If an agent is at the office writing offers, scheduling showings, and sifting through paperwork, then they aren't generating as much business as they could be. We value our Realtors' time as if it were worth $1,000 per hour - so we handle all the tedious day to day tasks and allow our agents & brokers to focus on generating business!

    JohnHart Agents get MORE assistance with all the cumbersome aspects of this business, so that they can focus on business not busy-work!

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