real estate redefined

This company was built on the ideal that the status quo was not good enough, and that change was needed.

Clients' wanted more than the typical sign stuck in the front yard, mls, open house, and a prayer, service they were receiving. Agents' wanted to work for a company that didn't foster a dog-eat-dog mentality, but rather supported them and helped them achieve their best. Our mission was obvious: create a company where both clients and agents get what they need and what they deserve. The resulting company is JohnHart Real Estate - Real Estate Redefined.

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The Most Dynamic


JohnHart is not a franchise operation, so when it comes dynamicity we cannot be beat. The real estate market changes every day and so do the tools, techniques, and resources needed by a Realtor to maintain their competitive edge.

One of the many ways that the internet has changed our industry in the past several years, is how it has allowed agents to collaborate and share ideas all over the world with regards to prospecting. On first glance the sharing of knowledge seems like a great thing, and it is, but it means that ideas get old and over used relatively quickly - therefore new ideas must be developed and rolled out quickly for them to be effective.

Imagine a national corporation with thousands of offices which are owned by private owners as franchises, how quickly do you think the corporate office can roll out a new idea? Days? Weeks? Months? At JohnHart we can (and have) rolled out new ideas the same day we have come up with them - this is simply impossible with franchise operations, and that is one of the many reasons we will never take that route! #StayCompetitive


Industry Best Coaching


We don't have an auxiliary business where we sell training and coaching material to our agents to generate a profit - if there is a cost to be incurred, we incur it and then we teach our agents what they need to know!

Furthermore, our agents are not trained by a trainer (who is most often just an agent who couldn't cut it as a salesperson so they took a salaried position), they are coached by either the owner of the company or an expert on the topic. Our coaches include multimillion dollar brokers and agents, formally educated professionals, and proven experts, so you can always rely on what you are being taught because the people teaching you have actually executed their ideas themselves. Everything from contracts to pitching and marketing is taught by our coaches in one-on-one sessions, and we are proud to say that we have some of the most knowledgeable agents out ther e because of our efforts to educate them effectively.

"For over nine years, I was a one man show and felt like my career was stagnating. I knew I needed a change to get my career back on track. Since joining JohnHart Real Estate I couldn’t be happier. I have been blown away by the culture of success and an environment that pushes me to keep bettering myself and my career."

- John B. Baldwin

John B. Baldwin on JohnHart

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Your Support Staff


The whole back office and executive is at your disposal - Meet a several of them here!

Your Agent Liaison
Your go to person. Essentially your assistant. Your Agent Liaison is responsible for writing up all of your offers/listing agreements/disclosures, maintaining your transactions, quality controlling paperwork,coordinating with escrow on closings, and acting as your proxy in office matters. They can and will do nearly everything for you.

Your Appointment Coordinator
Exactly what it sounds like. Your appointment coordinator will schedule showings for you and your clients, as well as confirm appointments, and follow up post-showing/appointment. Imagine never having to take a call for a showing on your listings again, now imagine that after each showing your coordinator would call the agent/buyer who saw the property and say "Hello, I am calling from the office of 'insert your name here', I just wanted to check and make sure that everything went fine on your showing and see if you needed instructions on how to submit an offer". Now stop imagining because that is what they will do for you.

Your Transaction Manager
A lot of agents pay for a transaction coordinator. We give you a transaction manager. While your Agent Liaison will handle most of the duties a normal transaction coordinator would handle, your transaction manager will be overseeing everything done on your transactions to ensure perfection. Oh, and did I mention that to become a transaction manager at JohnHart you have to have been with the company for over three years and have coordinated at least 350 transactions? Because they do.

Your Field Agent
Stop taking pictures of your listings with your iphone, it looks terrible. In fact stop taking pictures of your listings all together, because your field agent will be taking professional quality photos and video of your listings for you. They will also be responsible for setting up the sign and post at the property. Your field agent will also check in on the property for you, and help with situations that arise at the property. Running late for inspections? Call your Field Agent and they will race out to the property and cover for you!

At the risk of sounding clairvoyant, we know what you're thinking:
Sounds Expensive! And you're right it is expensive to employ all of these people, but it's our expense not yours!

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When it comes to what we do for our agents on a daily basis, it is simply unheard of and unrivaled in this industry! Check out the video above for a quick synopsis!

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global Anywhere & Everywhere

Anywhere: If we are not where you need to be, all you have to do is let us know and we will set up a marketing campaign targeting the new area, and establish a presence practically overnight. It's that easy!

Everywhere: We have offices all across Los Angeles County and sold properties in over 36 different cities, and currently have listings in more than 80 cities across California!

"One of the main reasons I joined JohnHart, in addition to all the support and tools they offer, is that I can literally work anywhere! I since they privately own all of their offices, I can work from the Sherman Oaks office one day, work from the Palmdale office the next day, use the conference room in the La Canada office the following day, and so on and so forth... Simply put, I am not limited as to where I can work from and where I can take on business - that to me is priceless!"


Amy D. on Office Locations

  • no fees
  • ever

Did we mention


We are not glorified landlords at JohnHart!
We are not here to make money off of you, we are here to make money together. Because we plan to make you uber successful, we do not rely on our agents to cover our expenses through fees and ticky-tacky expenses!

    This Means:

  • - No Desk Fees
  • - No E&O Fees (we pay for it)
  • - No Franchise Fees
  • - No Licensing Fees
  • - No Closing Fees
  • - No Transaction Coordinator Fees
  • & whatever fees we missed above: NO... not here!


TRULY Cutting Edge


Unlike most firms, where you are limited to whatever "off the shelf" options they may provide, at JohnHart we have a salaried web programmer, an app designer, a graphic designer, and provide all of our agents with tools yet to hit the mass the market!

Stuff like a proprietary back end software, customer relationship management software, automated drip marketing systems, lead generation websites, landing pages, and social media campaigns, are all well within our wheel house - stuff that we provide our agents with normally! Moreover, if there is something you would like to have and we don't already offer it, we'll make it for you... Yep, it's that simple. We have the means and the desire to make your Realtor dreams come true!

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Marketing...wait for it...Department!


One of the most unique tools at JohnHart is our marketing department. Comprised of a webmaster, a designer, and a marketing guru, our marketing department is the tool which will make you stand out from the sea of agents out there.

The marketing department is also the greatest tool in your toolbox when it comes to connecting with a broader target market and subsequently increasing your new business. Right off the bat, the marketing department will create a website for you and submit it to the search engines so that you can be found very easily in simple searches.