We Invest In Your Success

There are many ways that we invest in the success of our agents, but none more obvious than the team of salaried professionals we provide to our agent & brokers at no additional cost! Yep, you get all of the people/things below and there is no additional fee incurred for using these resources! The more successful you are, the more successful we are - therefore we do everything we can to make sure that you are working at your true full potential at all times!

Take a look a few of the people & departments that come complimentary as a JohnHart Realtor below!

Meet Your New Support Staff

Agent Liaison
Transaction Manager
Marketing Department
Appointment Coordinator
Field Agent
True Support

Often imitated, but never duplicated! A JohnHart Agent Liaison is simply the best resource in the industry. WHY? because your AL will write your purchase agreements, draw up your listings, follow up on your submitted offers, prepare your presentations, manage your listings, deal with agents interested in your listings, coordinate with escrow on your closings, liaise with the various departments within the company, and ultimately make sure that you are performing to the best of your ability (if not better)!

Unlike the US Government during the early 2000's, we are a fan of oversight. So, while your Agent Liaison is your front line on all of your transactions, your Transaction Manager is the "eye in the sky" making sure that everything is on schedule, executed perfectly, and handled appropriately. Your TM is better than insurance, when it comes to guaranteeing your transactions close!

We hate being the bearer of bad news, but the reality is that your postcards are being thrown away! Those templates you love to use are... well... they're overused and "tired". Your design team is comprised of a webmaster, a graphic designer, and a marketing admin. Together they will make you "THE" Agent to know in your selected farm area!

Are you tired of taking calls for showings, calling your sellers to check availability, and then calling the buyer's agent back to confirm the appointment... Only to have them not show? Or how about calling a bunch of agents to try and set up showings on listings for a Saturday spent driving your buyers around... which only serves to get you stuck in an endless game of phone tag? Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Your appointment coordinator will schedule everything, confirm everything, and even call the agents afterward to follow up on offers etc.

Stop putting up your for sale signs. In fact stop paying for them all together. At JohnHart we pick up the tab for your signage, and your Field Agent will install it for you. Your Field Agent will also take professional photos, videos, assist with inspections, advise on appraisals, and much more...

Support is such an over used term in the real estate industry that we almost left it off this email; however what makes our support different is that you are NOT supported by "Professional Supporters", you ARE supported by "Professionals" (the difference being that the former is a paid position usually held by someone who generally has little-to-no real experience in the industry, let alone has had any success in it). Our "Professionals" have real, solid, documented, success in their fields (whether it be listing, selling, marketing, escrow, lending, etc.).

This is the tip of iceberg when it comes to the support and perks with which we provide our agents!

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