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How Have We Redefined: Real Estate

The differences between most brokerages are marginal, if not negligible. A fee here, a slightly different split there, but no major game changer differences. At JohnHart we built our company on game changer ideas. We looked at what everyone else was doing, and figured out how we could do it better. The end result is right in our tagline: Real Estate Redefined

Redefined: Ownership

Our offices are not franchise operations. All are owned, managed, and ran by us. Why is this better for you? Because you can work from any of our offices on any given day (without having to get any kind of advanced approval), there is no corporate red tape that must be cut when you want to do something, and nothing is set in stone - whatever you want and whatever you need to do more business we can and will do it! Furthermore being privately owned, we set our own rules, we answer only to ourselves (not investors who are cutting expenses to increase profits, at the expense of their agents), we can implement new ideas in hours not weeks, and we can guarantee the quality of our services because there is no disconnect between ownership, management, and your support team!

Redefined: Compensation

Guess what? Chances are our split is better than what you currently have. You know what else? We don't charge fees... EVER! Also, we pay for your signs, we pay for your assistant, we pay for your showing coordinator, we pay for your transaction manager, we pay for your graphic designer & web programmer...and so much more! We don't nickel and dime at JohnHart - we invest in your success!

Redefined: Coaching

Training implies that at some point the support will end, so at JohnHart we prefer to call it Coaching. Whether you're a top producer or just getting started, our coaching will help you reach the next level of success in your career. We have weekly coaching sessions in each office led by our CEO, as well as monthly seminars on specific topics, but what really sets us apart is the fact that at anytime you can pick up the phone, shoot an email, or walk up to us and ask for help with anything - and we will stop what we are doing and help you!

Redefined: Marketing

Any homeowner in California can attest to the fact that every week they recieve at least ten real estate postcards. They all look the same, say the same thing, and illict the same response: throw away immediately. We've done something almost unheard of in this industry, we hired a graphic designer for our agents marketing pieces. No templates, no plug and play, we want our pieces to pop out and not be trashed immediately; therefore they must be unique! Take a look at any of our agent's marketing materials and you will see the difference immediately.

Redefined: Your Responsibilities

We have a saying at JohnHart: Agents come for the marketing, and stay for service! What that means is that most agents & brokers notice our firm because of our unique marketing and are interested to find out how they can get in on that; however once they are here they fall in love with everything we do for them. You see, at JohnHart your responsible for one thing: selling, the rest we handle. That means all of your paperwork, coordinating, dealing with other agents, scheduling, photographing, marketing, and much more, we handle for you. Your responsiblity is solely to make contacts, shake hands, kiss babies, and let us know what and what you need to get some "ink on paper". If you truly understand what we are saying, you will know that this means you can immediately do 10x more business than you could handle previously!

Redefined: Support

We've taken the traditional brokerage model and flipped it on it's head, because our agents don't work for us - we work for them! We're not GLORIFIED LANDLORDS who are just rent a desk and waiting for a check. We are actively involved in making sure that our agents are successful in their endeavors. Furthermore we've put our money where our mouth is by creating a back office support team of nearly 30 salaried employees! This means that you will have someone to write your contracts and assist with negotiations (your BRE licensed Agent Liaison), someone to take photos of your listings and hang your signs (your Field Coordinator), someone to schedule your showings and assist with follow-ups (your Showing Coordinator), someone to keep an eye on your transactions in escrow and to monitor your entire business (your Transaction Manager), a department dedicated to making sure that your marketing material is top notch (your Marketing Department), and an executive team who is always here to defend you and assist in any way that is needed! We will not let you fail!

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