Frequently Asked Questions About JohnHart

  • What are your fees?

    • no fees
    • ever
  • Do you offer training?

    Our success is completely contingent upon your success, for that reason we do anything and everything we can to help you become more successful. This being said we hate the word "training" because it implies that at some point in the future it will end - what we offer is coaching, it's like training except we're not going anywhere! We will train you on all aspects of real estate, from lead generation to closing, and we are always here for questions, concerns, retraining, or simply chatting - PLUS at JohnHart you are "trained" by experts, who have found success with what the teach, not people who settled for a desk job because they couldn't cut it as a Realtor!
  • Do you have desk space?

    With new offices opening every few months the chances are that we have an office near you, or are planning to open one soon. Whether its with regards to what we offer or with regards to space - we never oversell! At every JohnHart office we make sure to keep a few desks open for agents to use when they come in, and if you are looking for a more permanent desk then we'll make that happen as well.

    That being said, if you're more of the "out in the field" type of agent, you should know that all of our tools, software, and resources are completely virtual. This means no matter where you are, or what device you are on, you can work as effectively and efficiently as if you were at a desk in the office!

  • What kind of support do you offer?

    You must be tired of reading, this video has all the answers!

  • Do I get leads?

    All leads that come in, whether through the website, company advertisements, or phone calls, are distributed equally based on geography. Moreover we don't use the antiquated practice of "floor time", where agents are allowed to come in and roll calls in the hopes that they may get a random lead calling.

    Why don't we have floor time? Four reasons:
    1. We don't feel like our Realtors should be punished if they can't make it in to the office on a regular basis.
    2. This can cause problems when someone is calling on a specific property and an agent is badgering them trying to get a buyer lead, instead of focusing on the property they are interested in - this often results in no lead, and no offer submitted on the property.
    3. We're not trying to save money by having our agents play receptionist.
    4. By having our salaried staff roll the calls, we can ensure that all leads are distributed equally to agents who work in that area - and we can make sure that leads on your listings come to you (after all it's your listing that generated the lead, it should be yours!).
    It is also worth mentioning that there is no person named JohnHart at this company, so when people call in asking for "JohnHart" we know they are a lead... unlike some of the other firms around who are actually named after people still working at the company...
  • What board are you with?

    We have reciprocal memberships with almost 10 different boards, meaning that you can work from anywhere and with anyone!

  • Do you provide a CRM?

    When it comes to software and tools we simply cannot be beat!

    In addition to providing one of the most comprehensive Customer Relationship Management softwares currently available, we provide all of our agents and broker with a lead capture website, manage their transactions using our proprietary backend cloud based software, and have an agent portal which contains hundreds of custom scripts, letters, flyers, readings, leads, and access to your email from anywhere in the world!

    (please forgive the massive run on sentence, we're too passionate for our own good sometimes!)
  • Am I able to negotiate the commission split with seller?

    Your deal is YOUR deal!

      Obviously we are going to try and help you get paid as much as possible, and will teach you how to avoid negotiating on price, but we understand two things:
    1. You need to put food on the table!
    2. Business is business and we're not going to tell you not to take it based on a reduced commission split!
  • Can I hold open houses on other agents' listings?


    Every Wednesday we send an email around to all of our agents letting them know which properties are available to be held open (listing agent has requested for someone to hold it for them), and strongly encourage our agents to take advantage of this!

    Additionally if there is a specific property you have your eye on, it's in your farm etc., all you have to do is let your Agent Liaison know and they will inquire about the property and lock it down for you!
  • Do you have an agent referral program?

    Our Agent Referral Program, aka the JohnHart Profit Share, is not only extremely competitive within our industry - It is actually real!

    Our Profit Share program works as follows: Every agent that you refer directly benefits you. Everytime that they close a transaction you are entitled to either cash, which comes out of our portion of the split - not theres, or an even greater amount in the form of credit towards marketing expenses (printing postcards, running campaigns etc.) The reason we offer even more if you choose to take the credit is because we want our agents to understand that if they invest in themselves, they can make their money work for them and multiply it - rather than spending it immediately!
  • Do you hold meetings?

    We definitely hold meetings, but none of them are mandatory!

    For example, we have weekly* "Round Table" meetings lead by the CEO of our firm on topics such as "the art of the close", "Lead Conversion", and so on!(*weekly means each day of the week he is in a different office leading a meeting) We also have larger monthly seminars where we will invite everyone in to a central location and have an expert from outside the company come and speak on a topic. Finally we also have private one-on-one meetings, where you can meet with anyone from the executive team about anything anytime you want - all you have to do is ask!

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