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  • Patricia Bruno

    Patricia Bruno Realtor

    "I was reviewing my numbers the other day and noticed that with KW from Jan- end of May I did 4 deals ($27,431.54 net to me) ... and with JH from June - end of this week I will have closed 10 transactions ($94,576.00 net to me) ... more than doubled my production and made 3.5 times more in net commission in almost the same amount of time.

    THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for showing this old dog some new tricks and providing the place for me to grow, get the support I need and having a leader (you) that leads by example to help me think outside the "traditional box" of real estate and become new again!!! I love it!!!

    I am grateful everyday for you, the staff, JohnHart, Albert ... all of it!!!"

  • Melissa Urena

    Melissa Urena Realtor

    "JohnHart Real Estate has been a defining and transformative force in my career. Beyond the marketing tools, administrative support, coaching, and all around concierge-like service provided to agents here, there's an energy, a standard of excellence, that encourages one to push and be better everyday. For someone looking to build or grow their real estate business, there's no better ground."

  • Albert Babayan

    Albert Babayan Broker Associate

    "My first year at JohnHart (2016) my business increased by 78% over the previous year. This year (2017) my business has increased by 90% over last year, and I am on pace to close almost $100,000,000!"

  • Tamar House

    Tamar House Broker Associate

    "Since I've joined the amazing JohnHart team, my listings have quadrupled! They handle all the paperwork, so that I can do what I love most, which is helping people buy, sell and lease homes! I am so thankful that I joined the BEST real estate brokerage available to us agents. JohnHart has definitely helped put more money in my pocket!!!! So blessed and super excited for my future with JohnHart Real Estate. Talk about real estate redefined!!!!"

  • Brenda Smith

    Brenda Smith Realtor

    "JohnHart, there has never been or ever will be a real estate company like yours. You give individual support to each and every one of your agents. You are super motivating, and give your agents motivation every day. The support and products that you provide for us to keep going is unheard of at other companies. Harout and his agent liaisons work just as hard as we do so we can get our job done more easily. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love this company. If you haven't experienced it, you are missing out on something special. Let's give the office people credit, our job would be a lot harder if we didn't have you helping and supporting us. THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU!"

  • Jack Kassabian

    Jack Kassabian Realtor

    "Deciding to change brokerages seemed like a big deal to me at the time, especially going from a national franchise to a more boutique brand; however after making the switch I must say that it really wasn't a big deal at all! It took no time to settle in, and even less time to find out what I have been missing: personal attention, my own team, not having to worry about paperwork, not having to waste time trying to figure out my marketing, and so much more. I'll stop there but I think you get the point - I like it here!"

  • Christina Marquez

    Christina Marquez Realtor

    "I have been in the real estate industry for over 18 years. I can honestly say I know of no other Real Estate Company that provides the tools JohnHart R.E. does. They are on the cutting edge of Technology. My Broker, Harout Keuroghlian, is passionate about his company and his agents. I have more than doubled my business since coming to John Hart R.E. With a Professional Photographer, Full Time Marketing Department and an Agent Liaison to assist in all our transactions so I can focus on getting more business, it is a no brainier. Did I forget to mention we have no extra fees that all the other broker's have? No additional fees! No E&O, Desk, Franchise, Transaction, Paper, Phone Fees, etc..... Straight Split, no fees, simple! I WOULD NOT WORK ANYWHERE ELSE!"

  • Marlin Dginguerian

    Marlin Dginguerian Realtor

    "I joined JohnHart because it was full of life and dynamic - with the times. What I found when I settled in is that not only is it dynamic, it's an environment in which the executive team takes a personal position in my development and success. Everything from one-on-one coaching to the broker actually joining me at listing presentations is common practice here. I joined JH selling a property here and there and have grown to where I am closing several a month. I'm never leaving!"

  • Mike McDonald

    Mike McDonald Broker Associate

    "I've been selling real estate for nearly 30 years and have never found a system nor an office which is as efficient and effective as JohnHart. They've taken over my busywork, automated my marketing, and have given me the freedom I need to live my life and be successful at the same time."

  • Kristina Ter-Ovsepyan

    Kristina Ter-Ovsepyan Realtor


  • Shoshana Kliman

    Shoshana Kliman Realtor

    "JohnHart: Where your Broker cares about you. They are innovative, marketing savvy, and help their agents stay relevant by constantly reinventing themselves. At JohnHart no agent is left behind, and in my nearly three decades of experience I have never seen a brokerage that helps their agents more!"

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